Pubs & Podcasts --> Feed Inventory-->November, 2012

Brian Holmes presents this podcast where he discusses feed inventories. Brian demonstrates a variety of spreadsheet tools to help with feed calculations. The video is about 1 hour long. Links to tools mentioned in the presentation are below. You may want to expand the video to project to the full screen of your computer.

The video should stream in most browser versions greater than and including: Firefox 3.5, Chrome 3, Internet Explorer 9, Safari 3, Opera 10.5, and IOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) devices.


Tower Silo Capacity Spreadsheet   Silage Pile Capacity Spreadsheet
Tower Silo Capacity with Refills Spreadsheet   Silage Pile Density Spreadsheet
Grain Bin Capacity Spreadsheet   Bunker Silo Sizing Spreadsheet
Bunker Silo Capacity Spreadsheet   Various Silage Storage Capacities Spreadsheet
Bunker Silo Density Spreadsheet   Investment and Annual Costs of Forage Storage Spreadsheet
Density in Storage Spreadsheet   Michigan State Feed Inventory Planner Spreadsheet
Silage Bag Capacity Spreadsheet   Penn State Silo Capacity Spreadsheet
Making a Feed Inventory Factsheet