Andrew Novakovic, Ph.D.

Andrew Novakovic does applied research and has extension responsibilities that focus on the economics of dairy markets. Specific research interests are in marketing systems, federal and state market policies, the efficiency and performance of markets, interregional and international competition, transportation, and operations analysis. He is author or coauthor of over 300 publications, including about 40 peer-reviewed articles, papers, and book chapters; 75 research bulletins, notes, and abstracts; 140 extension bulletins and briefing papers; and 70 other popular articles and papers.

Dr. Novakovic's extension program stresses market economics and public policy, aiming to focus on issues of current and future importance to policymakers and industry decision makers. At a national level, several consortia and conferences are held annually that bring together academic, industry, and government professionals to work on and discuss issues of national prominence relevant to the dairy industry. In 2010, Dr. Novakovic was named Chair of the first Dairy Industry Advisory Committee by Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack.

In addition to his primary focus on dairy markets, Dr. Novakovic provides extension support in the areas of agricultural and food policy, food markets, and agricultural trade policy.

Mailing Address:

Andy Novakovic

Dyson School of Applied Econ. & Mgmt.

Cornell University

230 Warren Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853

Phone Number:

(607) 821-2613