MPP PowerPoint Presentations

The Dairy Markets and Policy Group has prepared PowerPoint slides on various aspects of the Margin Protection Plan for Dairy. You are welcome to download any of these files and use the materials in your presentations. We have included notes on each slide to help you with your own presentations.

The MPP Decision—2016

Overview of Markets & Introduction to Financial Risk on Dairy Farms

Train-the-Trainer Presentations

How Does MPP-Dairy Work—Andrew Novakovic
Margin Forecasting and Market Implications—John Newton & Chuck Nicholson
Operation and Use of the Decision Tool—Mark Stephenson
Participation Strategies and Integrated Risk Management—Marin Bozic
Other Risk Management Solutions—Brian Gould
Financial Factors to Consider—Cameron Thraen & Chris Wolf

Overview of MPP-Dairy

Analysis of the MPP Program—Brian Gould
MPP-Dairy versus LGM-Dairy: Similiarities and Differences—Brian Gould
Dairy Subtitle with Emphasis on MPP-Dairy—Mark Stephenson
Margin Protection Program Overview—Brian Gould